Natural - organic and aromatic hand-made body cosmetics

Hand-made soap. Soap with string

You don't know how to solve the problem with the soap limp from excess moisture in the soap dish? The is a solution — soap with a string! Just hang it on a hook after using, and the soap dries without losing its original appearance. And that's not all the benefits of the soap with a string. We will name at least three more advantages:

  • Improved hygiene.
  • Long life, because now your soap will not soak in a soap dish with some water left. It will not fall down and break, as it occurs to regular soap.
  • Convenience - it is easy to hold soap with a string in your hands. Children will also like this novelty in the bathroom.

Functional, practical, natural

Do you know what the most popular Christmas and New Year souvenir is now in the UK? Hand-made soap with a string! It's hard not to notice its convenience; the price is affordable for everyone; and its original features make this soap a luxury souvenir for all occasions.

As the objective of our company is to give people beauty and joy, take care of their health and fill their life with new sensations, we produced an entire range of soap with a string. Our body cosmetics is one hundred percent natural, we do not use any preservatives that are now so common in cosmetology. Soap with a string from Saules Fabrika is a kaleidoscope of colours, a tornado of divine flavours, a variety of shapes and ingredients taken from the nature. No allergic reactions, only pleasure while bathing and luxurious, velvety skin after it.

Soap with a string

Soap with a string

Range of products that suit any taste

We have tried to consider the preferences of our customers, and at the same time we did not forget about the benefits of ingredients of our products, and their pleasant fragrances. You just have to choose a soap with a string and see how enjoyable simple bathing can be.

There are more than 70 flavours in this category, so finding your favourite one will be easy. Do you like the flavour of fruit and berries? Then you will like the following soaps with a string: kiwi, green apple, strawberry with cream, raspberry, tangerine, green tea, mango, peach, melon and watermelon. Do you like exquisite floral flavours? Choose any flavour - violet, lavender, lily of the valley, or lotus. Do you prefer "tasty" scented soap? There are such products in our range: vanilla, yoghurt, cappuccino, and chocolate.

A special place is given to the brand fragrances. They are absolutely unique products of the highest quality, which are unparalleled. Choose, use and enjoy, as we sometimes lack pleasure in our lives.