Natural - organic and aromatic hand-made body cosmetics

Hair masks

Natural cosmetics are an ideal solution for those who care about the beauty and health of their hair. The balanced formula of natural ingredients has been chosen taking into account the various hair problems. The result of the regular use of any of three masks is not long in coming.

Indications for the use of natural hair masks

  • Do you have fair, often dyed hair?
  • Is your hair dry and brittle?
  • Do you have split ends?
  • Is your hair weak and damaged after numerous hair styling?
  • Are there any problems with hair growth or excessive hair loss?
  • Are you concerned about the presence of dandruff?

Choose a suitable mask made of 100% natural ingredients:

  • Shea butter oil, coconut oil, Sicilian olive oil, sweet-almond oil, lemon oil.
  • Northern sea buckthorn and aloe extracts.
  • Spices: Ceylon cinnamon, clove, hot chilli pepper.
  • Forest honey.
  • Vitamin E.

What results can be achieved?

Choose a handmade mask considering your hair and scalp problems, and the result will certainly please you:

  • Hair will be filled with useful macro- and micronutrients, vitamins along the entire length.
  • Hair structure will be restored at the cellular level.
  • Problems with split ends, hair loss, brittle hair or dandruff will be solved as easy as pie.
  • Hair will amaze everybody with its volume and silk.
  • Hair will become strong, flexible, and manageable.

The experts have selected the best of the very “heart” of nature, to use these components for the creation of natural masks: SPA, Indian and Mediterranean. Application of these products is simple and easy. Maximum results can be achieved if you combine them with a suitable shampoo of Saules Fabrika. More details on the application of each product you can find following the links below.

Saules Fabrika masks mean the beauty and luxury of your hair!

Mediterranean hair mask

Mediterranean hair mask

The Mediterranean hair mask nourishes hair, strengthens and moisturizes hair shafts along the entire length. Natural handmade cosmetics fight dandruff effectively and prevent hair loss. It contains only natural ingredients: Sicilian oil, cinnamon, honey, lemon oil, and vitamin E. The luxurious hair is guaranteed just applying the mask one time a week for 45 minutes!

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Indian hair growth mask

Indian hair growth mask

The Indian mask is based on natural ingredients. Many of them have specific activity due to their natural properties. Natural antioxidants, oils and spices represent an ideal solution for rapid growth, health and wealth of hair. Your curls will get unprecedented vital power and energy. Take advantage of a precious “elixir”, and just one procedure per week is enough.

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SPA mask for strengthening and growth of hair

SPA mask for strengthening and growth of hair

This SPA mask is a real precious “elixir” for blondes and girls with split, limp, damaged hair! It contains 100% natural oils and extracts, restores the structure and gets silkiness. Luxury curls are the result of 1-2 treatments per week! At the same time, hair begins to grow increasingly after a few uses.

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