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Coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil is a valuable elixir for all types of hair. It is obtained from ripe fruit of coconut tree growing on the islands of Polynesia and in other tropical regions of the world.

The benefits of coconut oil for health and beauty was known many years ago. The ancient inhabitants of South America, India, Asia, Africa have all used it. That's why they always have such radiant, thick hair!

The oil has thick semi-solid texture, therefore it should be heated before use.

Composition of coconut oil by Saules Fabrika

The coconut oil contains vitamins A, C, E, as well as natural antioxidants. Due to this product your hair will lose less protein during washing.

Coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil for hair


Coconut oil is particularly effective if the hair is: problematic, dry. It also soothes sensitive skin of the head and ensure its health.

Efficiency of coconut oil: strong and beautiful hair!

  • Hair regeneration after exposure to chemicals – colouring, perming.
  • Restoration of hair that is exposed to frequent drying and dressing using hair-dryers, stylers, curlers.
  • Hydration, nutrition, saturation of hair over the entire length and depth.
  • Loss prevention – the bulbs are strengthened, they become stronger and healthier, and they shine like hundreds of crystals.
  • Good efficacy in case of baldness treatment.
  • Maintaining healthy condition of hair, regardless of environmental factors.

Special aspects of the impact of natural oil on hair

  • For volume!

When applying the oil, it completely penetrates each hair. It is absorbed into the hair structure and fills it from within. Due to such impact on hair the hairstyle looks more voluminous and dense. This ensures additional protection!

  • Against damage and brittleness!

In case of frequent washing the hair fibres swell and break, which weakens hair and make it very brittle. When coconut oil penetrates hair, this problem can be avoided. This substance prevents swelling and possible damage.

  • For radiance and moisture!

Weak, dry hair is filled with strength and moisture, if internal balance of moisture is maintained. The oil has a coating effect, it makes hair silky and shiny and has a conditioner-like effect.

  • Helps against flaking of the skin of the head!

Flaking, itchy skin of the head, malnutrition can result in unpleasant effects. Regular use of coconut oil will strengthen follicles and prevent a constant desire to scratch your head. Regular procedures will stimulate blood circulation and fill the bulbs with nutrients.

Saules Fabrika offers coconut oil for hair in 100 g packages. The use of this natural substance rich in vitamins has been proved by scientific studies and centuries-long practice.

Coconut oil for hair by Saules Fabrika – proven efficiency!