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Bath Sea salt Saules Fabrika

Chronic fatigue, stress, headaches, sleep disturbances - someone deals with them periodically, someone has to live with them constantly. Meanwhile, there is a very simple and affordable way to improve your health, to bring bright colors and new feeling into everyday life; this is the sea salt for bath from Saules Fabrika. For its manufacturing, we use the live sea salt, which passed natural drying process. It is not exposed by thermal and chemical treatment. That is how we manage to retain all unique components and features.

Only the best of nature

Of course, the sea salt composition contains not only the salt but also such minerals, which are necessary for body, as manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus. We also use extracts of medicinal plants, herbal supplements in dry form, essential oils, betaine, derived from sugar beets, a whole bunch of luxurious, mouth-watering, tender and branded aromas. Benefits from the bath with sea the salt is obvious: it helps to cope with depression and stress, gives you a high, takes away toxins and gives health and beauty. It is also lead to normal blood pressure, sets the nervous function, eases of joints pain, and helps to get rid of extra pounds.

How to take a bath with salt

The bath with the salt will bring maximum benefits, if you follow recommendations of experts. The frequency of bathing in water with the sea salt is from one to three times per week. For every 80 liters of water (35 - 39 degrees Celsius) it is necessary to add from 100 to 500 grams of salt. Take a bath for 10-20 minutes.

Unfortunately, baths with the sea salt may not be suitable for all people. Among the major contraindications it should be noted the coronary heart disease, psychosis in various forms, diabetes, epilepsy, tuberculosis, heart failure, tumors.



Bath salt flavors

We take care that everyone can choose the salt for themselves with favorite scent. Aromatic bath salts are presented in our four series with different flavors:

  • “Eternal Values" - pine buds, calendula, chamomile, celandine, beggar-ticks, aloe, nettle. The product is one hundred percent natural. The rough sea salt is its basis. To enhance the healing characteristics plant extracts and dried herbs were added into the salt.
  • «Aroma Spa» - juniper, propolis, bergamot, eucalyptus, sage, lavender, mint. Sea salt, which contains biologically active micro- and macroelements, iodine, bromine, potassium, as well as essential oils of natural origin. The salt is great to use on aromatherapy.
  • «Japan» - jasmine, green tea, ginseng, seaweed, cherry, lotus, Japanese rose. A series of sea salt made of the usage of maize starch and the powdered milk for vitaminizing, softening and nourishing of the skin. Perfect for fighting against the cellulite. Salt is also very suitable for rubbing in the bathhouse or sauna.
  • «Baby Style» - lime, psyllium, Sorbus, nettle, calendula, beggar-ticks. A series of sea salt, intended for children. No chemical additives, only natural products: sea salt, Echinacea and sugar beet extracts. The bath salt helps to remove dryness and irritation from the delicate baby skin.
  • «Jurmala Collection» - flavors associated with popular places of solar Jurmala.
  • «Saules Fabrika» - More than 70 flavors of natural unrefined sea salt for your sunny mood.

The huge selection of colors and scents of salt. Our sea salt for bath will present unforgettable feelings, and will provide relaxation and healthy skin.