Natural - organic and aromatic hand-made body cosmetics

Oils. Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is so beneficial to skin and organism that it is often called "hormone of beauty and youth." It is composed of polyphenols, which slow down the aging of organism, exercise control over the production of collagen, stimulate the hair growth and renew the skin cells.

Massage oil: unique composition

Grape seed oil, which beneficial properties it is difficult to overestimate, contains:

  • Linoleic acid. It is polysaturated acid possessing immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory functions. It serves as an excellent prevention of cardio-diseases. Toxins, slags and harmful salts are excreted from the body under its influence.
  • Vitamin E, flavonoids, antioxidants. Serve for neutralization of free radicals, reduction the level of bad cholesterol and improvement the vision and condition of hair and skin.
  • Chlorophyll. Tones and regenerates the skin, heals the wounds and kills bacteria.

Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil

Natural grape seed oil: benefit

Unique balanced composition of this oil is irreplaceable in cosmetology. It is compatible with all skin, especially with oily skin type. It is used as oil for face, body oil and oil for massages and applications.

Useful functions of oil for skin consist in:

  • hydration, nutrition and toning, elimination of dryness and flaking of the skin; oil prevents irritations;
  • monitoring of sebaceous glands;
  • stimulation of production of collagen and elastin, skin lifting;
  • renewal of skin cells, alignment of its relief, elimination of pigmentosa;
  • strengthening of blood vessels;
  • pores contraction, treatment of acne;
  • strengthening of natural immunity of the skin;
  • restoration of hair after chemical damages, they acquire shiny look and become silky;
  • sedation of nervous system, skin nourishment and improvement of blood flow while adding oil to the bath;
  • It is also used for removing makeup from the tender skin of eyes and lips;
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Natural grape seed oil for massage is absorbed into the skin in a few seconds. After its use you will not find the oily trace, there will be no feeling that the skin became sticky. Oil is perfectly copes with mimic wrinkles and signs of premature aging.

As all of our body cosmetics, the grape seed oil is made without use of preservatives and with use of natural raw materials of the highest quality.