Natural - organic and aromatic hand-made body cosmetics

Quality Policy

Approved by the Board Member


Sunny Factory company carries out the following activities: development and manufacture of body care cosmetic products.

The company's strategy is aimed at increasing its competitiveness on the Europian, Middle Eastern, North American, Chineese and Eurasian Union’s markets by means of producing high-quality cosmetic products taking into account customers’ preferences, as well as effecient management of business processes, use of high-quality raw materials and reduction of specific production costs.

The company's long-term goal is to make profit and provide a stable income level for the owners and employees by manufacturing hygiene products, cosmetics for the body and lather items. The company ensures safety, naturalness and high quality of the goods.

The company has identified the following priority areas:

  • creation of a high-quality, unique product manufacturing concept, taking into consideration market trends (VEGAN, ECOCERT, COSMOS, HALAL).
  • development and furthert implementation of technological documentation, which serves as the basis for the production of cosmetic products;
  • development and creation of a high-quality, attractive for the consumer , meeting the latest trends design, style and packaging;
  • protection of intellectual property rights and the company’s interests;
  • taking measures reducing internal and external risks;
  • complience with regulatory and statutory requirements.

The quality policy has been communicated to the company’s employees and is available to any relevant interested parties.